Hami Ōsawa
Kanji 大澤 映見
Romaji Ōsawa Hami
Race Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Pink
Hair Color Pink
Personal Status
Status Alive
Japanese Voice Ai Kakuma
English Voice Luci Christian

Hami Osawa (大澤 映見 Ōsawa Hami) is a daughter of a famous author and an extremely apologetic and shy girl, who tends to be very insecure about herself and that she may bother others, to the point she will apologize numerous times and claiming she's better dead. She was a schoolmate of Kazuhito Harumi and the two met when he read an unfinished script of a novel she was writing, instead of ditching it as she expected, Kazuhito encouraged her to write more and that he would be the first reader of her novel and the two became close friends. After Kazuhito's death, she accurately distinguishes him on his dog form due to his mannerisms and knowing where the script was hidden, although she can't listen to his thoughts she can more or less understand what he tries to say. In order to boost her confidence due to believing herself to have won awards due to his father's intervention, she challenged Kirihime Natsuno to a writing contest and used several techniques, such as hypnosis and suggestion to hinder her, but was still defeated and told by Natsuno that her father made no intervention and her awards were in fact, earned by her own hard work. Following this she befriended Natsuno, calling her senpai."


Hami is a semi-depressed teenage girl with short pink hair.





Kazuhito Harumi

Hami knows the main character of the anime before he got shot and reincarnated as a dog.

Kirihime Natsuno


  • The name Hami means "projection" (映) (ha) and "to see" (見) (mi).
  • Hami's surname Ōsawa means "big, great" (大) (o) and "marsh" (澤) (sawa).


  • While the main character is human, Hami shows him a manuscript of a book and later becomes a writer.


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