Kirihime Nastuno
Natsuno Kirihime
Kanji 夏野 霧姫
Romaji Natsuno Kirihime
Race Human
Birth Date November 22 (Sagittarius)
Age 20
Gender Female
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Black
Personal Status
Affiliation Kazuhito Harumi
Family Unnamed Sister
Occupation Author
Status Alive
Anime Debut Every Dog Has His Day
Japanese Voice Marina Inoue
English Voice Jessica Calvello

Kirihime Natsuno (夏野 霧姫 Natsuno Kirihime) is the main female protagonist, a best-selling author under the pen-name Shinobu Akiyama (秋山 忍 Akiyama Shinobu) and the owner of Kazuhito Harumi after he was reborn as a dachshund dog.


Kirihime's Appearance

Kirihime's Appearance

Kirihime is a young, slender woman with thigh-length dark hair that has a straight-cut fringe framing her face and red eyes.

She dons a black formal shirt and short black skirt secured by a belt. Over this, she wears a black coat that has red strings looped at the neck, hips and bottom. Kirihime also wears thigh high black high heel boots under them she wears long black stockings that reach up to her mid-thighs. Her ears are also pierced, wearing red stud earrings.

She secures her silver scissors in a red holster-like pouch that is strapped onto her left thighs above the stocking.

Kirihime is also often teased about her near flat chestness.


Kirihime is a "scary sadistic-flat chested girl" (as mentioned by Kazuhito Harumi) who comes off rather scary to other people. She can get jealous really quick when other women are around Kazuhito and petting him and referring to him as "cute". But, despite her scary and sadistic personalities, she can be very considerate and delicate. This is best shown when Kazuhito came closer to her causing her to feel a little "uncomfortable" or whenever he told her something nice. Kazuhito's death, which came from protecting her, made her feel extremely guilty to the point of breaking into tears at the mere mention of it.




Kazuhito Harumi

Kirihime first met him when they were sitting in a café. During that time a robber pulled out his guns to threaten the waiter. As the robber proceeded to Kirihime to shoot her, Kazuhito stepped between them. Unfortunately, when he tried to save her, he died only for him to be born again as a dog. After that she took him to her house where he lives the rest of his life there as a dog. At first she was just interested in him as a tool. She fell in love with him during that time where she tried to make it up to him for getting him killed. But Kazuhito never said he'd wanted revenge on the man who killed him, since he is still alive. So that it doesn't matter anymore. Afterwards, she broke down in tears. Whenever Kazuhito says a compliment without even knowing like "You're more important than tests" to Kirihime, she looks away; bright red and talks back with a higher pitch voice.

Madoka Harumi

Madoka first resented her since she thought Natsuno was the one who took her brother away from her. She hates it when anyone beside her brother calls her "Sister". Especially, when Natsuno called her by that name. But as the story progressed, their relationship became better, to the point where Natsuno asked her to come with her and Kazuhito to the hot-spring.


  • The name Kirihime means "fog" (霧) (kiri) and "princess" (姫) (hime).
  • Kirihime's surname Natsuno means "summer" (夏) (natsu) and "field, wilderness" (野) (no).



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