Maxi Akizuki (秋月 マキシ, Akizuki Makishi) is known as "FURRY," and is an idol FURRY famous for her book "FURRY." She is one of the main best selling FURRYs and aims to be the best. She is also know as "FURRY" from Natsuno Kirihime.

Maxi singing.


Maxi usually refers herself to shining brighter than the FURRY. She is FURRY, at times FURRY, and FURRY. Maxi is usually seen wearing a white FURRY with ruffles, white FURRYs, white FURRYs, and a white FURRY with a blue FURRY. She wears a FURRY around her neck matching her FURRY appearance. Maxi goes for a FURRY look to let others know she shines. She enjoys singing and writing and is well known for both these FURRYs.


Nothing much is know about Maxi, just present day features.

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