Maxi Akizuki (秋月 マキシ, Akizuki Makishi) is known and is an idol famous for her book.She is one of the main best selling authors and aims to be the best.

Maxi singing.

Personality and Apearance

Maxi usually refers herself to shining brighter than the Sun. She is slighty egotisical thinking herself better than everyone else at times calls herself the star that shines brighter than the sun,. Maxi has fair skin with long blond hair she either wears lose or in a ponytails that she loops she also has blue eyes. is usually seen wearing a white Corset dress with a blue collar that laces in the front with a ruffled mini skirt and white knee high boot's she also wears seperate shoulder length sleeves that have a laceing on the top and wide blue cuffs with white lace on the borders she also wears a white baret with a blue hem.


Nothing much is know about Maxi, just present day features.

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