Nothing Ventured, No Dog Gained
Kanji 虎穴に入らずんば犬を得ず
Romaji Koketsuniirazunba inu o ezu
Episode Number #5
Air Date July 29th, 2013
Opening Theme Wan Wan Wan Wan N_1!!
Ending Theme Lemonade Scandal
Drowning Men Clutch at Dogs
Rain Settles the Dog

Nothing Ventured, No Dog Gained is the fifth episode of Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyō.


Facing the author whom she thought to have caused his brother's death, Kirihime questions Madoka if her recent actions would had made her brother happy knowing the he is one of her readers. Afterwards Madoka jumps off Kirihime's apartment building with Kazuhito in tow. After lamenting on her actions, Madoka and Kirihime have a duel using their respective "weapons" — Madoka's multi-purpose electrical knife, Tuna Eater and Kirihime's large pair of shears, Hasajiro. With Kirihime gaining the upper hand, Madoka transforms her knife into a cannon and shoots Kirihime. However Kirihime was able to deflect the bullet and Madoka realizes her defeat and the two call a truce; becoming friends. Surprisingly, Kirihime and Kazuhito discover that Madoka isn't the rumored slasher. Instead the one behind the incidents was Kirihime's editor, Suzuna, who claim that she did it all for Kirihime's sake so that she can overcome her writer's block. Kirihime then appears, who was already aware of Suzune's plans from the start and states that she had already overcome her slump as shown as she throws multiple written drafts into the air as Suzuna gathers them while sitting. After warning Suzuna of acting "nice" towards her from then onwards; the next day, Kirihime bids Madoka farewell and Suzuna reveals that she had already exterminated the real slasher prior to Kirihime and Kazuhito's investigation, much to the former's frustration.

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