Strike While the Dog is Hot
Episode 2 Title
Kanji 犬は熱いうちに打て
Romaji Inu wa Atsui Uchi ni Ute
Episode Number #2
Air Date July 8th, 2013
Opening Theme Wan Wan Wan Wan N_1!!
Ending Theme Lemonade Scandal
Every Dog Has His Day
The Winter Dog Flies into the Fire

Strike While the Dog is Hot is the second episode of Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyō.


After being teased of wearing a pet collar and scaring and ignoring passersby respectively, Kirihime and Kazuhito arrive at the latter's former apartment. Kirihime deduced that the man who killed Kazuhito is currently hiding at the latter's own apartment. The latter is proven true and consequently Kirihime and Kazuhito give chase to Kazuhito's killer until they reach a skyway where the killer reveals to have read all of Kirihime's books which lead him to become its fanatic. After a farce, the killer was on the verge of falling to his death where Kirihime tells Kazuhito to exact his revenge to his killer. However, Kazuhito pulls the man down - saving him, stating that he won't kill him since he is also a book lover and if otherwise would result only to tarnishing Kazuhito's way of ever reading again. Kirihime however, is against this as she felt guilty for being the reason of Kazuhito's death. As Kazuhito consoles Kirihime by telling her that he is aware of Kirihime's true self after reading her books, Kirihime breaks into tears. Afterwards, Kirihime began to harbor feelings for Kazuhito.

Characters In Order of Appearance

  1. Kirihime Natsuno
  2. Kazuhito Harumi
  3. Kiyoshi Inukai
  4. Sachi Moribe
  5. Maxi Akizuki
  6. Sakura Honda (cameo)
  7. Nakahara Toji
  8. Momiji Himehagi
  9. Madoka Harumi


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