The Winter Dog Flies into the Fire
Episode 3 Title
Kanji 飛んで火に入る冬の犬
Romaji Tonde Hiniiru Fuyu no Inu
Episode Number #3
Air Date July 15th, 2013
Opening Theme Wan Wan Wan Wan N_1!!
Ending Theme Lemonade Scandal
Strike While the Dog is Hot
Drowning Men Clutch at Dogs

The Winter Dog Flies into the Fire is the third episode of Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyō.


Waking up from a nightmare, Kazuhito meets Kirihime's masochistic editor, Suzuna Hiiragi, who tells Kirihime of a slasher currently on the loose. After tormenting Kazuhito for realizing him to be the reason for her writer's block, Kirihime learns more of the slasher incidents from Suzuna and decided to conduct an investigation regarding it, despite her sister's opposition. In the midst of their investigation, Kirihime comes face-to-face with rival author and popular idol, Maxi Akizuki. Before the two authors clash, Maxi was dragged by one of her men. Later, as Kazuhito infer that all the slasher victims had bought Kirihemi's books, another incident took place and the duo investigates. As Kirihime chases the pressumed slasher, Kazuhito gets caught in a trap. When he came to, Kazuhito founds himself at his old apartment where he meets his younger sister, Madoka Harumi.

Characters In Order of Appearance

  1. Madoka Harumi
  2. Kazuhito Harumi
  3. Kirihime Natsuno
  4. Suzuna Hiiragi
  5. Nakahara Toji
  6. Yayoi Honda
  7. Sakura Honda
  8. Kiyoshi Inukai
  9. Wanriki Munakata
  10. Maxi Akizuki
  11. Daimon


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