There Is No Smoke Without Dog
Kanji 犬無いところに煙は立たず
Episode Number #9
Air Date Auugust 26th, 2013
Opening Theme Wan Wan Wan Wan N_1!!
Ending Theme Lemonade Scandal
Dogs in Moderation
Time Flies Like a Dog

There Is No Smoke Without Dog is the ninth episode of Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyō.


As she is continued to be bothered by the mobs and her stalker, Kirihime and Kazuhito found an extra book in the former's library — a book of an author named Hotaru Fujimaki. After examining the book, Kazuhito notices its resemblance to Kirihime's book. Trying to gain more information, Kirihime summons Suzuna where they learn of the author's account sans its actual name. Kirihime then decides to meet the author herself and while passing in an abandoned warehouse, Kirihime and Kazuhito is again faced by the same horde that attacked them in the inn. When Kazuhito came to, he and Kirihime is faced by the latter's stalker and Hotaru Fujimaki's father, Shuzan Ohsawa; the one responsible for sneaking the book into her apartment. While being interrogated, Shuzan reveals that he was only following her daughter's task of bringing her book to Kirihime, despite his oppositions. By a slip of tongue, the duo realizes that Shuzan isn't the one behind the mob incidents. In an address given to them by Shuzan, Kirihime and Kazuhito head to the latter's high school to meet with Hotaru Fujimaki. While Kazuhito is in the library he is met by Hami Oshsawa.

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